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More About Our Company

360 Avionics is a family-run business, based in Vancouver, BC (Canada). Please spread the word and share our website to your pilot friends and collegues. Thank you for your support.

  • For Homebuilt/Experimental airplanes:
  • - Flight instruments
  • - Engine monitor systems
  • - Voice warning systems
  • - And more..


Our products are designed to meet the needs of Experimental/Homebuilt airplane owners.

Unique & Creative Ideas

Designed by pilots for pilots to ensure best experience.

Our vision

To increase the safety of general aviation by making high performance flight instruments more accessible to owners of experimental aircrafts worldwide.

Our Customer Support

As a family based business we place great emphasis on customer's experience. If it is not "good enough" for our family, it is not good enough for you.

It all started with the idea - our vision was to create flight instruments for experimental aircrafts that would make flights more enjoyable and safe for pilots around the world.

Next came the design phase – in collaboration with pilots we started designing the products to ensure that they meet the needs of pilots of experimental/homebuilt airplanes.

To turn the idea into the final product, multiple iterations of hardware and software are needed. Not only that, extensive user testing allows us to fine-tune the product and make it a true success.

Final product is the reward for months of hard work. However, product is never final. Based on customer feedback, we always upgrade and improve products to ensure that they continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Contact Information:

You may contact us via email: info@360avionics.com or fill out a form below. We will be happy to assist.