About Us

    360 Avionics is a family-run business, based in Vancouver, BC (Canada). Vlad, the owner, has always been passionate about airplanes and general aviation. After achieving his life-long dream and getting a pilot license, he started building an experimental aircraft - Van’s RV-10.

As a pilot, and as a father of two beautiful daughters, Vlad always puts a lot of emphasis on safety. He believes that continues improvement of skills, good judgement and constant practice will keep him and his family safe while flying. Even though flight instruments alone will not keep pilots safe, access to pertinent information will assist pilots in making time-sensitive decisions.

After a successful career as an embedded developer, and 20+ years of experience in developing and building electronics, Vlad saw how the avionics that are currently offered in the market could be improved to increase the safety of general aviation. That’s how 360 Avionics came to be!

Our vision is to increase the safety of general aviation by making high performance flight instruments more accessible to owners of experimental aircrafts worldwide.  

While building own RV-10 airplane and working on line of experimental avionics for it Vlad decided to make these avionics products available to all experimental airplane pilots who is willing to try his products.   


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