• AutoFlight control system
The AutoFlight system is designed to help pilot to control the airplane. System includes few parts which are EFIS, where all flight control software is residing, AutoFlight module which communicates with EFIS and acts as a bridge for servos.

This version of AutoFlight is designed to work with aftermarket servos from other vendor: TruTrak. Their servos can be directly connected and used with AutoFlight model AP-01

AutoFlight system is capable of controlling airplane in pitch and roll as well as supports aftermarket yaw damper from named above vendor.
System may control either pitch, roll or both.

In-flight features:

✔️ Controls airplane in pitch and roll

✔️ Allows various input sources for navigation

✔️ Supports and works with compatible EFIS models (MiniUni 2 and MiniUni 3, xPlane Mini and xPlane EFIS)

✔️ Supports servos from well known manufacturer

✔️ Capable of controlling yaw damper

More information on this product to follow

AutoFlight module is designed for easy installation and interface with compatible EFIS models via CAN bus.

Important: AutoFlight module requires compatible EFIS connection for normal operation


Input voltage: +10V to +28V DC

Unit size: 115mm x 70mm x 27mm

Weight: 65g

Altitude range: -1000ft to +32000ft

Vertical speed range: 10000ft up or down

Manufacturer: 360 Avionics Corp.

Made in Canada.

Please note: AutoFlight module is designed to provide an advisory information to pilot when triggered, however it is solely the pilot’s responsibility to verify and assess the real situation and react accordingly. Any electronic system by its design may introduce mistake due to malfunction. Pilot should assess’ various available information before making a decision. 

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AutoFlight control system

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