The Compass MAG-01 is a small, lightweight and cost effective source of stabilized magnetic heading information. It provides accurate 3-axis sensing of the Earth’s magnetic field for use by Air Data, AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System) to determine aircraft heading.

When connected to ELM1000 or ELM350 it easy integrates in to the system. Please note that MAG-01 is a non-TSO certified and only applicable for experimental (home built) airplanes installation at this time.
MAG-01 is a microprocessor based magnetometer. It can accurately sense the Earth’s magnetic field alignment and provide this data to compatible AHRS systems (ELM1000, ELM350, MiniUni) for use in referencing aircraft magnetic heading. In essence magnetometer acts as an electronic compass showing the AHRS which direction the aircraft is facing in relation to magnetic north. MAG-01 provides full 3-axis measurements for the most precise and stabilized digital indication of the magnetic field strength and direction. Built in to magnetometer gyroscopic sensor provides stabilized information across all axis’s in full range of pitch and roll limits.

ELM1000 uses comparative inputs from GPS, MAG-01 magnetometer and air data computer information to achieve high levels of integrity and precision in digital flight reference. An Attitude and Heading Reference System combines the functions of a Vertical Gyro and a Directional Gyro to provide measurement of Roll, Pitch, and Heading angles.

The ELM1000 (ELM350) AHRS and MAG-01 magnetometer replace traditional rotating mass instruments. Using long-life solid-state sensing technology, the MAG-01 Magnetometer uses magnetic field measurements to create an electronically stabilized AHRS.

In-flight features:

✔️ Stabilized magnetic heading information

✔️ 3-axis measurements

✔️ Tilt compensated

✔️ High level of precision and integrity

Important: Compass module requires compatible EFIS connection for normal operation


Input voltage: +10V to +28V DC

Unit size: 125mm x 90mm x 35mm

Weight: 95g

Manufacturer: 360 Avionics Corp.

Made in Canada.

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Digital Magnetometer Sensor 3-axis

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